Saturday, February 28, 2009

Can't pay my bills b/c can't remember my fav actor 3 years ago...

Ok so the title is misleading, but could really happen.
I rarely complain on my blog. In fact, I am not very opinionated. But it is that very factor that causes this complaint. Today, while setting a password for PayPal I encountered once again a problem with security questions. Who on earth decided you can ask OPINION questions as security questions? What if I forget my password next year and all my favorites have changed! What if I don't remember what my favorite was years ago when I set up the account. Security questions need to stick to facts. It would be one thing if I was signing up for Facebook or something "fun"-but these silly questions are the security questions for my credit cards. My finances can be effected by my memory of who my favorite cartoon character was 3 years ago when I signed up for the online account.
Below are a list of real security questions from one of my credit cards that I cannot seem to answer. I had to pick three. I resorted to the only three that seemed like the answers cannot change over time. "What street did you grow up on?" "Who was your high school mascot?" and "What was your mother's maiden name?" which is difficult because I can never seem to spell it right! Here are the rest...
What is the name of your favorite childhood friend? Um, I had more than one
What is your favorite book? Changes
What is your favorite cartoon character? No idea
What is your favorite flower? Any people give me
What is your favorite movie? Changes
What is your favorite sport? Changes
What musical instrument do you play? Ok, not opinion, but I played two, so which would I put?
What was the name of your favorite teacher? Had more than one fav
What was your first pet's name? Had two first pets - at the same time
Where did you meet your spouse/significant other? No spouse for me but what if I were to answer this one while dating someone then need my password a year later when I have a new guy in my life?
Who is your favorite actor? Changes
Who is your favorite author? None (I'm not a very dedicated Literature teacher)
Who is your historical person? Um, never even thought about this.
Who is your favorite musician? Changes

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Everyone Keeps Sending me this survey...

My 25
1. In college, I used to dress up in a purple toga to cheer on LT and my Horned Frogs
2. I told my college advisor I would NOT take English classes because I would NEVER teach English no matter what.
3. I am a certified English teacher :)
4. I actually love my job most days – my at-risk teenagers completely fascinate me and break my heart all the same time
5. Every two months or so I want to quit my job and move half way across the world
6. I love writing and if I wasn’t a teacher or missionary, I’d be a journalist
7. I really don’t like reading the news online – I’m old fashioned and like to flip through the pages
8. I don’t currently subscribe to any newspaper because my neighbors kept stealing it and I just gave up and no longer read the news at all
9. I am non-confrontational, hence why I gave up my newspaper subscription
10. When I get mad at someone, I cannot stay mad very long. I always forget I am mad when I see the person because I am so excited to talk to them. Half the time they don’t even know I was ever mad
11. At least once a day, a quote from Friends enters my head. Usually, its when I’m around people who have no clue, but I love when I can just say the line and the other person understands me completely. I have a few friends and even a couple students who know all the lines too
12. I can actually watch any show. I will never turn off a movie or TV show in the middle, no matter how dumb it is. I like to know what happens. If I turn it off in the middle, I will dream about the ending, sometimes even months later.
13. LOST is the best show ever
14. I ate my very first real pizza slice last week and it was amazing
15. I’m not supposed to eat meat, but I have a weakness for pepperoni
16. I am a computer nerd - I could be on my computer all day and never notice the time go by
17. I rarely ever cry, but when I do I really cry
18. One of my favorite things to do is shop and SAVE more money then I spent. I love to go to sales or TJ Max and find really good deals. I can almost always tell you the price of anything I am wearing.
19. I don’t understand the obsession with shoes. I have the basics and even they stress me out. If I could, I would wear flip-flops or my Sketchers every day. But the fashionable side of me refuses.
20. When I was in seminary, I was a bad dresser. My DVR was set to tape What Not To Wear. I’d watch while I read my homework. One day I saw I sweater I owned on the things NOT to wear. I cleaned out a lot of stuff out of my closet that same day and since then was very careful about what I buy. Oddly enough, I still have that sweater for some reason. Haven’t worn it since though.
21. I also have no idea how to use makeup. I try something and if I like it, I continue to do the same every single day. I just have no idea how to change things.
22. Accessories make very little sense to me. I don’t understand how to match things. I like them on others though. I have TONS of jewelry I never wear.
23. I’ve lived in TX almost 10 years and rented the entire time because I really can’t commit to live here another year, even though I will probably live here forever
24. I want to live in Romania and New York City for at least a year of my life
25. I’m pretty sure this is the first one of these surveys I have ever done. The only reason I did it is because people keep tagging me on theirs. So I’m tagging all of you back.